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November 14, 20190

1) Why it is caused?

Fractured Teeth, as the name suggests a broken portion of teeth also called cracked tooth syndrome

  • Trauma (accidents, spots, physical, violence, falls, etc )
  • Sudden biting of hard substance
  • Attrition (wear of tooth surfaces)
  • Teeth grinding (bruxism)
  • Large dental fillings or a root canal, scaling


2) How to prevent it?

  • Regular dental checkups
  • Brushing twice daily & flossing
  • Avoid chewing hard foods
  • Wearing mouth guard in sports & use while sleeping if griding is observed
  • Post-operative care after fillings &root canal treated teeth

3) When to for treatment?

  • Pain on chewing
  • Sensitivity to temperature changes
  • Swelling around tooth
  • Sometimes, mobile fracture portion of teeth
  • Visible cracks lines


4) What is the treatment? what is done in treatment?

  • Bonding: restoring the fractured/broken teeth surface with composite restorative material
  • Cosmetic contouring: polishing & rounding off the sharp edge of broken teeth
  • Crown: when a major portion of the teeth’s surface is fractured then a crown is given
  • Root canal: fractured involving pulp & root portion of the tooth, root canal treatment is done in which affected pulp is removed & filled with gutta-percha followed either by post endo restoration or crown
  • Veneer: when only the edges of tooth surfaces are broken thin porcelain covering goes over the front of the tooth
  • Night guard/mouth guard: in sports for grinding of teeth, a device is given that covers all surfaces of teeth

Post-operative care:

  • Avoiding biting hard food
  • Periodic dental visit
  • Brushing twice daily & flossing once daily
  • Using might guards/mouth guards when required

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